A policeman has been killed in a suicide attack by an English-speaking woman in central Istanbul, a week after another attack on the city’s police by a far-left group.

A niqab-clad female suicide bomber targeted the building of the tourism police unit near Sultanahmet Square, one of Istanbul’s most popular touristic places, just before 6 p.m. on Jan. 6, NTV television reported.

The assailant “exploded herself before going into the police building, as she was prevented by the guards at the entrance,” the Cihan news agency reported.

Istanbul Governor Vasıf Şahin said the suicide bomber presented herself as a tourist, telling the police in English that she had forgotten her wallet inside while attempting to enter the building moments before the attack.

“One policeman is seriously wounded. The other policeman is better,” he added, while answering reporters’ questions at the scene.

Kenan Kumaş, one of the injured policemen, later died in hospital