Marina González EmeBlack Ink series, Ink on paper, 21 x 29 cm, 2014

Artist based in Madrid, Spain.

‘I just want to draw. Everything else terrifies me.’

I love drawing women.
The closeness between what I am and what I draw gives me a security easily understandable.
When a woman draws a woman, they join themselves with a complicity thread.
The inspiration that guides me when I look at her naked body turns into a pleasant comprehension
of all of her proportions.
Each of my drawings has a slight self-portrait nuance.
I love drawing perfect women. They are perfect because they are be able to break down stereotypes.
They are proud of being natural and strong women.
I hope to convey the intense admiration I feel for ‘my women’; Those women who have the strong self-confidence I would wish for myself. Read Less