Russia 1945 and Russia 2022 are the same, no difference.

In 1945 at the end of WWII the Russian-Mongolian Troupes entering OSTPREUSSEN (within the Borders of Germany in 1937) gave 11 Million Germans two choices:

  1. Stay here permanently, because we will kill you right on the spot. Or
  2. Leave the Place immediately on foot, we wait one hour and will come back to shoot you. Go to Germany beyond the River ELBA (PUTIN mentioned this border between West- Germany and the former DDR (East Germany) ). These people walked more than 1200 km by foot in the cold winter of -20 degrees C. A very large number died on the road.

The aerial cleansed of the German population was annexed permanently by Russia.

 Because Russia had no border with Germany, but Poland had, Stalin of Russia moved the borders of two states to get the land:

  1.  Poland’s Border to the West was moved leftwards to the GERMAN River ODER-NEISSE which flows from the south to the north (this is the nowadays border of Unified Germany and Poland). The east border of Poland was for the same amount of space moved westwards.
  2. Belarus borders were moved equally for the same amount of space.
  3. The empty space between BELARUSSE and Russia was annexed permanently by Russia.

This is the reason there was no peace treaty between Unified Germany and the former Alliance RUSSIA-USA-UK: RUSSIA wanted to keep the conquered land, contrary to the YALTA agreement between Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

  1. Remark: you can see the former border of Germany looking at the birthplaces of German Nobel Price winners

 The same story 2022 with Ukraine. Putin, the former KGB agent in the DDR (former East Germany) and now as the new “HITLER” of Russia wants to conquer UKRAINE as STALIN did with Germany.

The old Russian tactic: get small pieces of the Salami and then get the rest. An estimated number of 10 million Ukrainian are on the run. As in 1945 the Russian give the UKRANIAN population the choices

  1. Stay, and we will kill you (e.g. MARINOPOLIS) or
  2. Leave
  3. The survivors who surrender will likely be newly educated (like China with the UIGURES), or deported to Russia.

 Nobody stopped HITLER in 1939, neither Roosevelt, Churchill, nor Stalin. HITLER grabbed AUSTRIA, CHECIA and then saw the way free to conquer POLAND etc. and we got WWII


from Herbert, a friend of